TechANTers Academy

Make a change in your life!
Give a boost in your career and take the leap to the tech industry.

Get to know the tech world with Damia Portugal experience and learn how to engage with our phenomenal candidates providing them with the very best recruitment experience with Damia’s TechANTers Recruitment Academy.

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Why be a Tech Hunter when you can be a TechANTer?

  • TechANTer Academy is an alternative to non-existent formal education for the role of tech recruiters.
  • Get around the excessive tendency to train people “on the job” without giving some essential theoretical knowledge.
  • Affordable, modern and rigorous conversion route for tech recruitment area.

  • Possibility of integration in tech companies and agencies.

Why Damia’s Tech Recruitment Academy?


More confidence while talking to Tech candidates. You no longer need to worry about looking like a noob.


Don't send hundreds of meaningless messages on LinkedIn and get to know the tech profiles like a pro.


Speak the language of your candidates and maintain a great relationship through the best candidate experience.


Real recruitment pipelines and attract your tech candidates while boosting your credibility as a tech recruiter.

Learn with the recruiters that help our clients:

About us

ANTers integrate. Did you know that the ant is the animal with most species within the group of insects? At our academy, we believe that there is no conventional route to be a good tech recruiter and that is why we are receptive to people with different backgrounds.

ANTers communicate. Did you know that ants communicate through pheromones? We consider communication one of the main characteristics of a tech recruiter and you will constantly be in direct contact with lots of people.

ANTers work as a team. Ants live in colonies, where individuals divide tasks; we also work together to find the best candidates for the best projects; we are not an Island, but people who grow by sharing knowledge… And we are party animals too!

ANTers construct. Just as worker ants build the colony and are responsible for its maintenance and defense, we also build the best recruitment processes and take care of our candidates to ensure the best possible experience.

ANTers never give up. The Ant Philosophy is ”never give up, look ahead, stay positive and do all you can”. This is our life as a tech recruiter! Sounds good

What do you need?

  • Someone with university attendance
  • A professional with at least one year of professional experience (plus)
  • An English communicator (both spoken and written)
  • A Portuguese speaker (all contents will be provided in this language)

Be a TechANTer: How?

Through a set of interactive training modules (that get as close as possible to the real work context), allowing AGILE immersion in the beautiful world of IT recruitment!

With us you can:

  • Specialize yourself in tech profiles, while you boost your knowledge about programming concepts and languages, tools, methodologies, and so on
  • Access the basic tools and instruments in the tech recruitment process
  • Have contact with several types of business in tech recruitment
  • Practice the best skills for a tech recruiter
  • Boost your confidence and take a 180º turn in your career!

Guess what? After you finish, Damia Group could be your next job!