The Force of Damia Recruitment

Whether you are looking to source permanent or contract staff, we can help. We provide the best and most suitable candidates, matching the skills and requirements of client’s needs.

Knowledge is absolutely key to our success and our exceptionally high client retention rates. By taking the time to really get to know our clients and understand their ethos, preferences, values, goals and needs, we can provide a tailored service that ensures we remain a cost effective recruitment solution for your company. 

Our process:

1. Research

Alongside understanding the role, you need us to fill, we will also spend time understanding your company culture, ethics, working environment and staff dynamics to enable us to recommend the most suitable candidates, capable of benefitting your organisation.

2. The Role

The level of detail applied to this stage in our process ensures that only those with the right qualifications, experience, skills, cultural fit and aptitudes will be chosen, resulting in an excellent initial selection of candidates.

3. Interview

We’ll diarise appointments to avoid any unnecessary time wasting and ensure that all logistics are in place. Post interview, we will communicate accordingly with all interviewees, providing any suitable feedback given.

4. Offer

Our experienced team will work towards a conclusion that all parties are happy with, cementing the start of an exciting professional relationship.

5. Continued Support

We’re here to provide advice and guidance, especially through the last, and often most crucial steps of the recruitment process – the on-boarding stage.

6. Feedback

We value both client and candidate feedback to help us further develop business.

We work with a few recruitment partners on the daily basis, Damia being one of them. It is very clear to us that they are providing the best quality candidates and they earned our trust over time. We also feel that Damia´s team has the right experience on technology recruitment which makes a real difference when contacting profiles we are seeking at Sky Portugal. On top of that their team is always available and friendly which makes our collaboration fun!’
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