Join Forces with Damia's Full Stack RPO

As an RPO service provider, we’re on a mission to unleash human potential, to combine and join forces with our clients to find the best talent available in the market.

We’re helping companies who want to expand in the Portugal tech market, but who are struggling to find suitable talent. Our expert recruiters dig deep to understand your organization, and also the job profile and skills necessary for successful hires. Our experience combined with proven sourcing strategies accelerates the acquisition of the best talent for you.

Damia’s RPO service is much more than merely filling positions, we are RPO PARTNERS with customisable solutions which involve all or part of a client’s recruiting operations, working with all parties to achieve the best possible outcome for all. When searching for talent, we ensure that we not only find the right talent, but the right cultural fit for your organization. Through our RPO collaboration we learn, innovate, lead change, and exceed expectations.

We strive to scale and help our clients, always treating people fairly and respectfully.

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Antonio Wecki was our full-time tech recruiter, who joined forces to find the best talent available! He was one of our team-lead’s in our recruitment team and was able to help the client not only recruit but also to organize the company while they were recruiting their next HR Manager.

Setting up an operation in an unknown market is always a challenge. Not only you’re unfamiliar to most of the people in that market, as there’s a learning curve that you need to go through to understand how the market itself moves and where you are going to position your company.

“It really is an amazing experience. It’s a challenge to manage all of the stakeholders between the RPO company and the service provider’s company — no doubt about that — but you’ll learn a lot from it and you’ll grow exponentially both on a personal and professional level.” José Baptista.

With the market getting more and more competitive, tech talent acquisition is becoming a bigger challenge!

Damia’s Full Stack RPO can step in and take over, helping to fill your multiple positions effectively.

We’re dedicated to our clients and always act on the company’s best interest – it’s all about partnership for us. After all, today’s candidate experience can be a key differentiator for your employer branding.

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