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Traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has long been the go-to model for companies looking to expand their recruitment capabilities. However, this model has its challenges. Common issues such as low cost, low-value perception services and the temporary placement of junior recruiters have tarnished the positioning of RPO in the market. Damia Group has decided to stop providing RPO services because, in truth, we never really did RPO. We have evolved into what we call In-House Talent Acquisition.

In today’s digital age of fierce talent competition, organisations struggle to attract and retain the best candidates. 😱 Understanding the reasons behind this challenge is critical for organisations looking to build robust and innovative technology teams.

In recent years, IT companies have realised that they need to offer more than just a paycheck to be considered attractive in the marketplace. It’s no coincidence that rankings such as Teamlyzer’s Best IT Companies to Work For have become so important and that companies are scrambling to secure a place on the list.

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A funny and interesting comparison of different Information Technology (IT) job profiles to various types of cocktails.

Although not everyone likes this work model, I believe that people should have the opportunity to choose.

My perspective and pass on my testimony of what it means, for me, to have Imposter Syndrome.

A funny and interesting comparison of different Information Technology (IT) job profiles to various types of cocktails.

This is my story of how I changed my life and decided to work as a digital nomad as an RPO Tech recruiter with Damia Portugal 💻

Damia’s RPO is a service we offer our clients that allows them to scale faster and better with an in-house tech recruiter.

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Have you ever heard someone say: “one year in recruitment feels like ten years in other jobs”? Not sure if you’ve ever felt like that, but I do sometimes!

The days of coffee mugs and fancy pens imprinted with company logos are now long gone!

When you think about recruitment agencies, probably words like KPItiresome interviews, and no feedback come to your mind. Well, if you have ever met any of Damia’s recruiters, you know this is not how it works for us.

In the current times of working from home and social distancing, we’re facing new challenges which effect our body and mind as well as the way that we perform at work and with our teams!

The story of an HR Manager at a tech recruitment agency, working with an amazing team 😍

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