We offer state-of-the-art sourcing skills and candidate engagement training to customers’
existing teams that will result reaching more passive candidates and creating a
positive recruitment experience.

To have a successful business, you need the right team around you, It’s all about the people! If you’re looking for and speaking to developers on a daily basis it’s good to know what you’re talking about!

Sourcing, interviewing and hiring are excellent skills for an HR professional, but if you work on a tech industry, you know it’s not that simple and a premium LinkedIn account and countless connections, most of the times are not enough to find and engage passive candidates.

Damia’s training will help your HR team:

Target the right candidates faster by improving understanding of tech roles;

  • Understand tech leads to better connections with your tech teams, clients and candidates;
  • Improve the time-to-fill rates;
  • Improve your tech product

This is a very practical, how-to, not death-by-Powerpoint training.

Your recruiters will work on real requirements, generate real sourcing strategies and candidates, will learn how to find people who aren’t on LinkedIn, get their contact info, learn how to engage with candidates, go beyond the basics, and get your team focused more on direct sourcing those candidates who may not ever respond to an ad.

Our training program will help you better understand, assess and evaluate tech candidates

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