Our Academy Program

Our Academy Program aims to identify potential talent, who, with the training can develop skills and consequently suppress the needs of our clients.

Our Academy Program aims to provide the best and most suitable candidate selection pool combining the best recruitment and creative thinking with ambitious projects, designed to test and allow the candidates to develop their skills and team working experiences.

We have been able to help our clients inspire, manage and develop their people, advertise training vacancies through inspiring and highly creative marketing, and recruiting suitably qualified people based on:




and definition of goals and courses of action to attract trainees, utilizing targeted marketing campaigns that run through the entire training and probationary period;

of a pool of qualified people who are motivated to grow their skills and / or looking to re-train;

of qualified candidates who will be offered a tailored training program.

through the initial probation period, the essential ties that bond the candidate and client will be established and re-enforced through training and mentoring and integration into the client processes. At the end of the probation period there will be a final review on accepting the candidate into the company.

For this training programme to be fully successful, it is important that the client is involved in the entire process, from initial interviews through the design of the training programmes and the on-the-job training and mentoring of the candidates each day.

That way, the candidates will be introduced the company culture and the missions and values of the business from their peers and managers.

For our candidates it is an opportunity to get to know and develop new activities, learn new skills, and begin their successful career!