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Whether you are looking to source permanent or contract staff, we can help. We provide the best and most suitable IT candidates, matching the skills and requirements of client’s needs.

Knowledge is absolutely key to our success and our exceptionally high client retention rates. By taking the time to really get to know our clients and understand their ethos, preferences, values, goals and needs, we can provide a tailored service that ensures we remain a cost-effective recruitment solution for your company.

Our process:​

1. Research​

Alongside understanding the role, you need us to fill, we will also spend time understanding your company culture, ethics, working environment and staff dynamics to enable us to recommend the most suitable candidates, capable of benefitting your organisation.

2. The Role​

The level of detail applied to this stage in our process ensures that only those with the right qualifications, experience, skills, cultural fit and aptitudes will be chosen, resulting in an excellent initial selection of candidates.

3. Interview​

We’ll diarise appointments to avoid any unnecessary time wasting and ensure that all logistics are in place. Post interview, we will communicate accordingly with all interviewees, providing any suitable feedback given.

4. Offer

Our experienced team will work towards a conclusion that all parties are happy with, cementing the start of an exciting professional relationship.

5. Continued Support

We’re here to provide advice and guidance, especially through the last, and often most crucial steps of the recruitment process – the on-boarding stage.

6. Feedback

We value both client and candidate feedback to help us further develop business.

We've done this before

Download our case studies: ​

Even though they had to face the Covid Pandemic, they were fast to evolve to adapt processes and even their communication culture. We used our market knowledge to tap into the Lisbon market and help FRVR to transition from a local Malta company to a Lisboa based company with a significant developer base and allowed them to kick- start their engineering team in Lisboa.

When we started to work with Practio they were about 3 developers in a co-working space near our office. From the beginning we felt a fantastic energy with the team and that they were eager to do more. But since they didn’t have a recruitment team, they lacked the reach to be able to hire more people. The main operational challenge was Practio stack (Node.js, React.js).

I had several contacts with Ricardo from Damia in the past year as a potential candidate. I can say Ricardo makes the difference to any other recruiters. He knows the market, their (potential) customers but he also easily matches his customer's requirements and candidates profile. But more than anything else, Ricardo has great soft skills when working with potential applicants to prepare them for the first interactions with the hiring organizations and he does not hesitate to spend time for a good preparation. I will, every time needed, call Ricardo first if I am looking for new opportunity or looking after strategic candidate.
Eduardo Lourenço
Frontend Developer
Based on my personal experience, Damia Group recruitment process is something that I would recommend to a friend or someone looking for a new challenge. I didn't feel any pressure at any point in time, meaning that I wasn't being overloaded with proposals just to get into business. The person who led my process was super nice and made sure my interests were aligned with everything.
Bruno Grifo
Software Engineer