In-house Talent Acquisition Service

In-house Talent Acquisition Service

We manage the entire recruitment process, from talent sourcing to hiring.

We’re on a mission to unleash human potential, to combine and join forces with our clients. 
Our in-house talent acquisition service (RPO) conveys what makes Damia unique and infuses it with our clients making sure your needs are met.  

For any company that is going through a growth journey, whether as a startup or a scaling exponential growth, a tech-embedded recruiter can be the answer to support your hiring efforts.

We make your growth happen with our tech recruitment expertise: 

Our in-house talent acquisition service (RPO) Using several different techniques to source candidates, you’ll find the team sourcing candidates on the weirdest confines of the internet, bringing passive talent that otherwise would have remained untapped.

While assessing candidates, the team makes an analysis based on the cultural fit within your company, the behavioural analysis regarding the candidate’s stability and fit within the specific team that will be hired to. You can trust the team’s technical knowledge during the screening process. The recruiters can understand the level of care that the candidate puts on the code.

At Damia, we have a diverse culture of inclusivity, and we keep pushing the envelope forward with our work with hiring managers to fight internal bias and to align and create recruitment processes that foster inclusivity and diversity.

Our recruiters have worked previously on other product companies, and they could independently manage pipelines with the key stakeholders that own the roles being hired to. We strive to create a balance between internal need and urgency and to advise regarding the market approach and availability to have a shorter time to hire for the roles provided.

Candidate experience is a paramount concern of our teams, we understand that to create engagement, we need to provide continuous feedback and create a delightful experience of recruitment where the candidate feels that he is being fairly evaluated and treated humanely.

We work with companies to build and promote their employer brand to attract top talent, helping them to create compelling job descriptions and market their open positions on various platforms.

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