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Kickstarting FRVR's Tech Hub in Portugal with 8 Hires

We used our market knowledge to tap into the Lisbon market and helped FRVR transition from a local Malta company to a Lisboa based company, with a significant developer base.


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From Malta to the World: FRVR had already established in London, Copenhagen. 2020 marks the year of the opening of the Tech Center in Portugal.

FRVR didn’t have any prior operations in Portugal, but we managed to pitch & hire 8 Tech Engineers.

We focused on two main tech profiles: Senior Developers & QA Game Testers.

Key Benefits of partnering with Damia

The best curated lists of candidates

Increased offer-acceptance rates

Accelerated time-to-hire

Overall improval of recruitment efficiency

Elevated candidate experience

Continued support and follow-ups 

Quality above quantity!

Here's the Challenge

Famously know as a game development company, FRVR’s international growth made them an obvious attraction for talent who seek experience in a disruptive international startup.

Even though FRVR had to face the Covid Pandemic during their growth journey, they were fast to evolve and adapt processes to a more than ever remote culture that needed to be pitched to candidates.

Enabling an effortless growth journey

We used Damia’s market knowledge to tap into Lisbon’s Tech Talent pool and help FRVR transition from a small local Malta startup to a Lisbon based Tech company, with a significant developer base that would allow them to pave way to operational growth and future scaling. 

Attracting senior developers to a company without any prior operation in Portugal and zero market awareness can always be a challenge.

The quality bar of the engineering team was very high, mainly because the team strives under constrained development environments (CPU, RAM) and across device compatibility.

In the end, we are super proud to have been of help, finding, pitching, hiring and onboarding 8 of the best talent who were motivated to develop close to the edge and achieve optimal performance in a fast-paced startup.

Accomplished Goals

Provided expertise on scaling Tech Teams across multiple countries, with end-to-end processes of sourcing; attracting; hiring and onboarding highly skilled tech talent.

Engaged and facilitated all interactions with multiple stakeholders, including Hiring Managers, Area Leaders and HR, by making sure the candidate experience was world class: smooth and aligned to our time-to-hire benchmarks.

Brought market knowledge in order to increase competitiveness throughout the Client’s growth journey.

meet our client: FRVR | Damia Group Portugal


As a startup with talent spread all over Europe, FRVR is building their core team from Lisbon, Portugal.

A remote friendly organization that still believes in the beauty of face-to-face interaction and the sharing of an office space.

FRVR is building the ecosystem that brings captivating games to billions of players instantly. Redefining game distribution, as the world leader in building successful game channels beyond the app stores.

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