Lucinity - Fullstack Engineer


Python, React.js, Node.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Docker

Lucinity is hiring a Fullstack Engineer to join their amazing team
About the company: This is an opportunity to be part of the initial team in Portugal of a startup from Iceland, headquartered in  Reykjavík, working to Make Money Good, through AI for Anti Money Laundry solutions.
Lucinity's mission entails connecting technology and purposeful design to help its customers discover money laundering faster and smarter while understanding their customers and implementing streamlined compliance. Its intuitive systems are simple to use, complementing the skills and ingenuity of compliance professionals.
They have fantastic team of people that have developed products that are making waves in the industry. But, as you know, the essence of every successful application is its reliability. Your expertise is needed in site reliability engineering to design, monitor, and optimize the infrastructure, ensuring that it's robust, fault-tolerant, and that it scales effortlessly. 
Working with this team means you are contributing to a better world. They empower humans whose responsibility is to identify and investigate potential money laundering transactions by providing the tools that take care of the heavy lifting for them, so they can let their talent run free. Their products help people make more informed decisions that will ultimately allow them to detect and prevent financial crime.  
The Company culture is all about making sure everyone feels like they belong to the Company, this mission can be supported if their teams reflect the diversity of the world around, embracing people from all backgrounds, and celebrating diversity of thought. It is a culture built on trust, high performance, and continuous learning.  
Feel at home around passionate, kind, talented and driven people? Then you'll fit right in!  
Love learning new things? Fantastic, learning and growth are woven into everything the team does.
Like having fun? Great! Its about to Make Money Good and have fun doing it.  Team´s very own Fun Squad makes sure there's always plenty of varied activities planned both locally and online. 
  • Developing innovative, flexible, high quality, and scalable technical solutions. You’ll be developing new features and improving existing ones. This is a growing company that understands the importance of scalability and doing things right from the start. Hope you agree.
  • Being an accountable team player. You’ll work closely with your team members as well as other stakeholders to ensure that the Company´s solutions not only fulfill, but hopefully exceed our clients' needs. You’ll ensure that your impact is felt within the team, but at the same time you’ll ensure that your colleagues can let their superpowers shine.
  • Iterating and implementing tools and processes. There are already tools and processes in place, but always ready to hear about better ways of working and to get your input on how to do things even smarter.
  • Thinking strategically. You will actively think about how to set up for success in the future.
  • You’re a natural born problem solver. You know what great looks like and enjoy solving complex problems using innovative thinking. Not only that, but you also love finding new ways to solve problems smarter, easier and faster. 
  • You are thirsty for knowledge and growth. Even though you are already knowledgeable, you also know that engineering is an ever-changing field, and you are happily on a never-ending journey to become the best version of yourself as a professional.
  • Frontend:
    • ReactJS
  •  Backend:
    • NodeJS / TypeScript
    • Python
    • GraphQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Docker
    • KeyCloak
    • Azure DevOps (CI/CD)
    • Flyway (Data migrations)
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