Vincit - Software Architect (Cloud)


AWS, Azure, Python, TypeScript, Docker, k8s

Vincit is hiring a Software Architect to join their recently created hub in Lisbon. 

About: At Vincit you will join projects that support your development plans! You'll be working with a team to deliver quality work to their clients in Europe and the U.S., collaborating with clients directly, working independently and being capable of communication fluently to technical and non-technical people. 

Their mission is to deep dive into their client's case, to understand their goals, problems and reasons. Your speciality is to think about technical solutions that match their needs and are efficient to implement and maintain. You'll work in a collaborative environment as a member of an Agile development team in a project that will match with your preferences.

They are now growing their Team with a Software Architect to work with different databases, API's, integrations and cloud environments, and as a team member you can choose to be a mentor or become a team leader for the good people who will join Vincit in the future.  


More about:  

As a Software Architect you will join international projects where they create new digital platforms or apps for their clients, or level up their existing digital services. Their customers are mainly in Northern Europe and in the U.S. The project teams typically consist of Vincit’s designers and developers from Portugal, Finland and the USA, plus the client’s own experts.
You enjoy collaborating with clients directly, feel confident working independently and be capable of communicating fluently with technical and non-technical people. Vincit team deep dives into the clients’ situations to understand their goals, problems and reasons.
Your specialty is to think about the technical solutions that match their needs and are efficient to implement and maintain. Your bread and butter is to design purposeful architecture and choose the best technologies and tools for their projects. Most of your time is still spent on hands-on development, tweaking and integrating the systems that we’re building for the client.
  • Broad experience with cloud services running in both/either AWS and/or Azure.
  • Previous experience with Infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, docker, k8s). 
  • Great knowledge with modern programming languages: Python (Django) and/or TypeScript.
  • Previous experience with ReactJS is an advantage.
  • Fluency in English
What they offer
  • Budget: 60,000 € - 75.000 € 
  • A place to make a big impact and grow professionally 
  • A culture with very little hierarchy and a lot of freedom to do the right things for the people, the business and the planet
  • A safe space where you can come as you are
  • The resources and opportunities of a large company, without the dark sides of corporate culture 
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