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LLM, Artificial Intelligence

Valispace is currently hiring an AI Engineer
About the company: 
Valispace is a productivity software and a single source of truth for all of the ‘’loose’’ engineering data of hardware projects, helping engineers streamline efforts from concept to test and escape from document hell! They have one simple mission: to empower engineers to faster craft the complex products that help propel humanity forward.
They are a diverse, kind, curious and ambitious team and take pride in working closely with companies that are building futuristic ideas that seem like magic to us today. That’s right, their users are taking people to space, building flying cars and much more!
If you like the idea of working in an environment that encourages creative and autonomous work, focuses on your growth potential and where there’s always room to discuss the quirks of living on this planet, then they might just be a perfect fit.
They are looking for an AI Engineer to join their team!
About the role:
  • Join product discovery calls with customers and our solution team to understand in depth the problem engineers are trying to solve
  • Ideate potential solutions based on LLMs and discuss its integration to the product together with Valispace’s UX, backend and product teams
  • Make prototypes that quickly prove the feasibility of solutions, using commercially available APIs and/or local LLM models
  • Optimize prototypical solutions by getting them production-ready through prompt engineering, finetuning, etc.
  • Assist the Valispace backend and dev-ops teams in planning, implementing and deploying the solutions
  • Design and develop tests that constantly assess the quality of LLM results in development and production environments
About you: 
  • In-depth hands-on experience in implementation of LLM techniques, such as prompt engineering, model finetuning and embeddings for commercial applications
  • Hands-on experience with using commercially available APIs (such as OpenAI’s text generation, embeddings, function calling, finetuning, etc.) and fine-tuning prompts for production-grade results
  • Hands-on experience with running and fine-tuning commercially available open source LLM models (e.g. Llama, Mistral, etc.), implementing and optimizing text embeddings (e.g. instructor, gte, jina, etc.) as well as using toolchains around them (e.g. Ollama, langchain, etc.)
  • Interest in defining and implementing methods on monitoring of output quality
  • Desire to quickly and pragmatically bring value to users, iterate and then improve
  • High curiosity to stay up to date with state of the art of this fast-moving field
  • Interest and/or experience in hardware engineering concepts such as requirements engineering and verification planning
What they offer: 
  • Comprehensive health insurance;
  • Generous Learning & Development budget and training days;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Remote-first;
  • They have a cool office in central Lisbon with an amazing kitchen and balcony to hang out but you can work from home from time to time as well.
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