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English, TypeScript, Game Developement

Plato is currently hiring a Principal Games Engineer to join their amazing team 
About the company:  Plato is a fast-growing social games platform currently having over 115 million users, with 10 million playing every month, mostly through word of mouth. Users spend more than 1 billion minutes per month playing in this app. 
The app is a seamless combination of games + chat with tight integrated social tools such as groups, matchmaking, and ratings. Starting a game on the app is as easy as sending photos while chatting. All games are delivered automatically, so no need to download them separately from any App Stores.
The Company's focus is on the purity of the gameplay and user experience. As such, it is about making only true multiplayer games with no pay-to-win gimmicks. The team loves going against the grain and charting its path to success. The company has offices in San Jose and Austin and also fully supports remote work across the globe. 
About the role:  Plato is seeking a passionate and experienced Principal Games Engineer to elevate its games catalogue as well as its games platform. In this role, you will develop new games for the catalogue, as well as extend the game platform to allow other developers to build their own games more easily. You will work closely with both the client and server teams, creating an efficient, high-performance game client on mobile devices but also a highly optimized server component to handle our scale of users. A high-level approach is paramount: not only building individual games but constructing frameworks to support broad categories of games: making it easy for anybody to write a card game or a grid-based board game.

This role is a full-time position, Plato prioritizes flexibility and are open to accommodating various locations and work schedules to meet the needs of the successful candidate.

  • Develop new games on top of the V8-based platform.
  • Create comprehensive frameworks, libraries, and tools for developing entire categories of games.
  • Extend the internal game libraries and tools to make the entire platform easier to use.
  • Extend and maintain the current games catalogue itself.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and a proactive attitude.
  • Strong dedication to craftsmanship: an individual who takes satisfaction in delivering work of exceptional quality, correctness and polish.
  • Ability to thrive in a small team environment, prioritizing speed and efficiency over bureaucracy.
  • Proficient in GL and shader programming.
  • Experience with developing game platforms.
  • A track record of delivering games to end users.
Nice to have: 
  • Experience in web-based game development
  • Proficiency in developing with Typescript.
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