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Natixis is currently hiring a Senior Kafka Administrator to join their team
About the company: Founded in 2015, BPCE Infogérance & Technologies is a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, dedicated to Infrastructures, End-User Environment, Security and Production. Driven by growth, expertise, transformation, and agility, this project embraces an international mindset and a diverse skill set. You’ll find yourself in a dynamic and enriching workplace or, as they like to name it, a real tech playground, where you’ll be able to explore a huge tech stack.   
About the role: The messaging team manages the backbones and service offers providing means to exchange real-time messages and events between applications. These services play a critical part in banking services, as they provide a data exchange layer for more than 240 applications in total, including the main trading and payment services, anti-fraud checks, monitoring pipelines, global collection for Theia services, and more.

This team works on a mostly 60/40 ratio between MCO and projects.

As a senior Kafka administrator in this team, you will maintain and transform the Kafka clusters and offers for the BPCE-IT group as a whole, and ensure that these transformations match the objectives of the group. You will also provide support, advice, and technical expertise to business projects, design and build large-scale Kafka infrastructure, conceive Kafka subscriptions on the company’s internal cloud, implement automation, self-service, and access security as well as API-driven management on these services. You will join a team of 6 technical experts to maintain and transform the BPCE group’s messaging offers and backbones.

The first missions of your team will be focused on the Kafka services. As a senior specialist of Kafka services, you will not only be responsible for the operational condition maintenance of the Kafka Business (Kafka platforms for 60+ business applications) and Kafka trace (Kafka platforms for Theia and Truesight services) but also take a critical role in the transformation and improvement of these services, including related automation, API and self-service developments. You will also be the product owner for Kafka as a service offered on MyCloud (the group’s private cloud): Kafka OPS.

The messaging team also manages the IBM MQ network of the BPCE group, which is a critical backbone for 180+ applications, including all payment and critical banking services. You will acquire skills in the MQ field and help the MQ expert in maintaining the operational conditions of the MQ network and help its transformations.

In addition to Kafka and IBM MQ, you will manage and plan the transformation of other products, including IBM Transformation Extender (a real-time enterprise integration service) and active MQ.

Your mission will be:
  • Organize advisory support for development teams, and exploitation support for production teams using Kafka services
  • Participate in the transfer of the Kafka management activity between the French legacy messaging team and the Porto messaging team
  • Ensure the state-of-the-art exploitation of Kafka infrastructures and offers
  • Implement the transformation of Kafka infrastructures and offers towards increased automation and self-service
  • Improve the resiliency, security, and recovery ability, and ensure that the services are refreshed regularly, and kept up-to-date
What they are looking for: 
  • Solid knowledge of Kafka infrastructures’ administration (CCAAK or CCOAK certification will be a plus)
  • Basic shell knowledge in Linux
  • Elementary knowledge of network management concepts under Linux
  • The knowledge of Python will be a plus
  • Learn to know all the information systems of the group's entities
  • On-call required
  • Good knowledge of English (minimum B2 level mandatory)
  • Good knowledge of French will be considered a huge plus
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good troubleshooting skills
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