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Python, IOT

Lensor is recruiting a Mechatronics Engineer

Lensor is an AI start-up, focusing on automating vehicle inspections. They developed a gate that makes vehicle inspections effortless. After driving through the gate, a highly accurate damage report is waiting for you. The Lensor gate saves time and reduces costs. A full vehicle inspection in less than 10 seconds.
After two years of active development, they are ready to implement and install this solution at their customer base.
About the role:
Lensor is seeking a highly skilled Mechatronics Engineer to join their hardware team. 
As a Mechatronics Engineer you keep improving the inspection gate and you are on the lookout for the best changes and adjustments to make sure they offer their customers the best possible damage inspection performance. They are looking for someone who likes to experiment with new products and who likes prototyping.


Key Responsibilities:
As a Mechatronics Engineer, your responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining the current main hardware components inside the inspection gate:
    • The sensors that detect a vehicle
    • The cameras that capture the vehicle
    • The light that illuminates the vehicle
    • The edge computer on site to process the images
  • Being proactive and spotting opportunities to improve the gate or to add new features to the gate, like: “Research optimal camera and light placement to obtain the best possible image quality under varying light conditions”
  • Optimize the gate setup to be more scalable and reliable. This includes developments such as replacement of the current edge computer for an embedded low-power device, improve vehicle detection and scalability of gate sensor assembly or looking into remote managing and testing tools
What you'll be doing: 
  • Development of the next-generation damage inspection system using computer vision and machine learning.
  • Participate in R&D discussions, identify requirements and priorities.
  • Design quick proof of concepts, evaluate and turning ideas into production-ready solutions 
  • Creating new ideas and improvements to extend or improve the automatic vehicle inspection; 
  • Identify issues and squeeze out maximum performance through data analysis and hyper-parameter tuning of machine learning models or develop alternative solutions. 
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering or similar
  • Python
  • Camera/vision systems
  • Camera knowledge
  • CAD
  • Microcontrollers
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
What you get:
  • Days at the office: 3 /Home: 2
  • 33 vacation days
Lensor is looking for talented people to join them. Are you creative, do you like a challenge, and are you ready to change the world of vehicle inspections? Then they want you to be part of their success!
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