Pixie - Senior Software Engineer


Ruby on Rails, Ruby, AWS, Kubernetes, Vue.js, Agile Methodologies, SAAS

Pixie is recruiting a Senior Software Engineer  


Do you love that feeling when you ship a product to your customers and they go "THAT'S IT! this is exactly what we needed"?
Pixie is looking for talented software engineers to work with them on the next iteration of their platform that has been receiving the above feedback. It will lay the foundation to accelerate their growth and shake the market with an ambitious vision of what practice management for accountants and bookkeepers means.
You will work with a fresh codebase and architecture, built with Rails 7 and the latest VueJs 3 framework, running in a Kubernetes AWS infrastructure. You will be challenged to make many technical choices regarding implementation and architecture.
As this is a Full Stack role, you will be trusted to take user stories to their conclusion ie. shipping and owning the initial iterations. You will work very closely with their designer and their CTO to shape the features and accompanying user journeys for their customers.
  • 6+ years of previous hands-on engineering experience
  • Strong track record working in sophisticated Ruby on Rails applications coupled with ES6+ UI
  • Excellent understanding/use of agile values, good testing practices, pair programming, etc
  • Ability to take a User Story to its full conclusion
  • Ample experience conducting code reviews and strong analytical & troubleshooting skills
  • Comfortable working in a small team where your role will vary
  • Ability to communicate challenges and solutions clearly within a team of people
  • High energy and motivation to deliver quality features to the customer
  • Bachelor/Master’s degree in a related discipline.
Nice to have:
B2B SaaS, workflow software, accounting/fintech software and/or industry experience.
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