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We're Tech Recruitment Done Right

We believe work and fun can live together.

We work hard for keeping a happy Team, because if we’re happy, we’re more productive.

Falling in love with our work is about shifting the mindset, from using our jobs to serve ourselves to using our jobs to serve others.

There is something intensely rewarding when we recruit someone. Knowing that we have helped changing someone’s life for the better is an amazing achievement that fills our hearts and at the same time, energizes us all as a team, with one person at a time, we are one step closer to accomplishing our mission.

Create the Life
you Can't wait to wake up to!

Be accountable

Own your decisions and mistakes.

Don't be an asshole

Be kind and respectful, don't judge or stereotype.

Team first

When we are all in, we all win.

Level up

Create higher standards.

Do the right thing

Be fair & honour your commitments.

Act with a positive mindset

Focus on solutions.

Damia empowers everyone to follow their beliefs, express themselves and to make a difference in the tech recruitment world.

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