Give a boost to your company and Talent Acquisition Teams and take the leap to the best practices of tech recruitment processes.

Damia’s TechANTers Recruitment Academy with PLUG&PLAY Workshops and Trainings is an alternative to a limited formal education for the role of Tech Recruiters. 

Why Damia’s Tech Recruitment Academy



Level up the recruitment process of your teams and unlock success in hiring with experience recruiters in product & service companies.


Give a boost in your company and Talent Acquisition Teams and take the leap to the tech recruitment processes best practices.


Know more about how to maintain a great relationship through the best candidate experience in your team's recruitment processes.​


Attract the best tech candidates to your teams and pipelines.


Designed for Recruiters who already have some experience in recruitment processes, to guarantee that you acquire/strengthen knowledge about tech recruitment processes.

You will have the chance to learn with an experienced team, both in training and recruitment fields (Outsourcing, Permanent Recruitment , Recruitment Process Outsourcing). 


Learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies to be developed by the Tech Recruiters) 

  • Understand the importance of a job spec to find the best candidates​
  • Test the knowledge about tech stack​
  • Train critical thinking​
  • Be familiar with the recruitment process’s key stages​
  • Create the best interview process to ask for successful evidence collection​

Learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences to be developed by the Tech Recruiters)

  • Be one of the best Tech Recruiter and source with the most comprehensive talent acquisition tools​
  • Discover tools to support sourcing efforts​
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of sourcing strategies​
  • Learn how to build Boolean strings to uncover more candidates​
  • Discover tools that help finding and contacting candidates

Learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies to be developed by the Tech Recruiters) 

  • Learn about the most popular IT job titles and the less known ​
  • Get essential skills for interviews​
  • Increase the volume of reachable candidates and their response rate​
  • Create a better competitive advantage in Tech Recruitment​

Learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies to be developed by the Tech Recruiters) 

  • Recognize the importance of social media in the recruitment process​
  • Understand the best way to “sell” our brand on social media​
  • Define the best announcement: best hours to publish, templates, content, etc.​
  • Understand the importance of the content shared in social media and how this can affect the recruitment response/results​
  • Strategy to build a strong personal branding as a recruiter

Learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies to be developed by the Tech Recruiters)

  • Create a value proposition​
  • Deal with frustration: how to handle a refused proposal/hard client​
  • Understand the communicational profiles and act according to them​
  • Improve assertive communication and identify and overcome barriers to communications

Learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences to be developed by the Tech Recruiters)

  • Improve emotional control soft skills within the internal team​
  • Enhance the ability to influence and contract ​
  • Identify self-control techniques and self-regulation of emotions for a positive influence​
  • Identify sources of conflict and techniques to deal with them​
  • Mastering body language and learning its codes and techniques​
  • Learn to decipher and influence people more effectively and optimize their professional and personal skills​
  • Explore the most powerful body language techniques for feeling and looking more confident


How long do the Programs last? The Plug&Play Workshop program lasts 6 hours and the Play&Play Trainings program lasts 9 hours divided into 2 days.

Can I choose more than 3 modules? Yes, to complement your package you can choose extra modules, each of them with a duration of 2h, by 250€ (Workshops)/300€ (Trainings) for each member.    

Does the Programs guarantee certification? Both Plug&Play Programs have a TechANTers attendance certificate and specifically the Plug&Play Training Program will have a Diploma.

Is it fully remote? Yes. 100% remote.

What are the recruitment skills level experience needed to attend the Program’s? The Plug&Play Workshop program is designed for intermediate professionals’ level, while the Plug&Play Trainings Program is intended for beginners and intermediate professionals’ level.

Will both programs be eligible for the 40 hours mandatory training required by the portuguese by law? Yes, and we can provide you a guide that teaches how to register the trainings on Sigo Platform.

This training was instrumental in helping me build a solid foundation and upskilling my recruitment abilities. Even now, in my current role as a Strategic Talent Business Partner at Ryan LLC, I continue to leverage the technical and transferable skills I gained from this program. The lessons learned at TechANTers have had an evident impact on recruiting for IT profiles and any other profile I'm recruiting for.
Duarte Ribeiro​
HR Generalist, Strategic Talent Business Partners​
Even though it's now been more than a year since I've taken part of TechAnters, the learnings are still so much part of my day to day. I find myself revisiting the material whenever I need to. Besides all the technical knowledge I've gained, I believe that something that really made a difference for Valispace is the holistic understanding we started having around the tech job market which allowed us to develop better hiring processes and, consequently, hire great people!
Mariana Henriques
People Operations, Valispace