Innovative IT recruitment company with the promise to shake the
market and the way you work with your clients.


Damia Group is an international employee owned recruitment organisation with more than 20 years experience in helping its clients deliver growth.

Our main focus is to develop relationships across the market using a disruptive approach with clients and candidates, based on transparent process of communication.

Experts in IT recruitment, we use a variety of sourcing techniques from the traditional to the more forward thinking, creative solutions.

We are innovative, disruptive, transparent and relaxed.

We came to the market to be different and we love it!





Our tested sourcing strategies enable us to attract the best candidates from a variety of sources. Our approach will vary dependent on the job specification and exact requirements of the position. Damia utilises the most effective methods from the list below:


  • Boolean Search – Our favourite! It’s incredible the valuable information that we discover in this fantastic and exciting “world”. We use this sourcing strategy to find passive candidates, with creative boolean search techniques applied on social media and internet searches.


  • Direct Recruitment – An effective way to enhance your company brand and attract the right calibre of employee. We will take a varied approach, using the most suitable mediums to advertise your recruitment needs and promote your business. Working with branded adverts, social media strategies, your own website and other means, we will not only promote existing opportunities, but also ensure that your brand is enhanced, driving a higher volume of direct recruitment opportunities to your door and in turn reducing the average cost per recruited employee.


  • Assessing your current Talent Pool – Damia can work with you to assess and evaluate your existing employees to establish if you already have the right talent within your organisation to fill certain roles. Not only is this a rewarding way to recruit for certain positions, but it helps to boost staff morale too.


  • Employee Referral Schemes – The best way to recruit staff that will fit well into your organisation is to get your existing staff to make their own recommendations. Employee referral schemes can be incredibly cost effective and deliver impressive results.


  • Recruitment Database – By retaining details of candidates who have applied to work within your organisation, but were not quite what you were looking for at the time, you can build a valuable recruitment database. With this talent pool at your fingertips, you can assess and match suitability against new opportunities as they arise.


  • Agency Management via a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) – Ensuring you have access to a reliable bank of agency contacts can be invaluable when faced with sourcing candidates for very specialist roles or needing to recruit in a specific geographical area.




Our experienced team will select the most suitable sourcing strategy to benefit your organisation and recruitment needs.



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