Download our 2023 Tech Salary benchmark



Download our 2023 Tech Salary benchmark

Tech Recruitment Experts 

in a mission to make people happy by providing them a better work experience.

We’re a H2H (Human 2 Human) international tech recruitment agency with offices in Lisbon, London and Edinburgh, with 25 years experience at the top level.

Damia Group came to Portugal with the promise to shake the market and the way you work with our clients. Our main focus is to develop trusting relationships across the market, with a NO B@llsh#t approach! 

We take the hassle out of recruitment and connect you to the right professionals, who we know will excel in your organization. 

We are creative, transparent and relaxed.


Humanize Tech Recruitment

We’re on a mission to level-up tech careers, offering accurate job opportunity data through open and transparent communication.
We strive to find the best person for the job and always look to build a stronger and smarter team. 
We know our tech and what good looks like, enabling us to offer the best candidate and customer experience!

Our Solutions:


We provide the best and most suitable candidates, matching the skills and requirements of clients needs.

In-house Talent
Acquisition Service

Unleash human potential by combining forces with our clients, to get the best talent available in the market.


We identify up and coming talent, who, with the right training and support, can develop skills and drive our customers growth plans.


Sourcing skills and candidate engagement training, to help clients upskill internal talent teams.

Download our Benchmark.

    Sharing our knowledge:

    Culture and Communication from a Marketing perspective

    I was Damia’s third employee and have been working on their communication since day 1… Pass the true essence of the company, and what better way to share that than with OUR PEOPLE?
    Sofia Fontes

    Carolina Rodrigues
    Why Damia is not just another recruitment agency?

    When you think about recruitment agencies, probably words like KPI/ feedback come to your mind. Well, if you have ever met any of Damia’s recruiters, you know this is not how it works for us.
    Carolina Rodrigues

    José Ramalho
    My first working experience (in the middle of a pandemic)

    This is my 1st working experience described in a few words! It can be educational (or not) for those who are starting their professional careers, or a just pleasant flash-back who already have experience.
    José Ramalho

    We've done this before

    Portuguese tech visa

    We are happy to inform you that we have the Tech Visa Certification!

    With this certification, we are able to recruit qualified workers and nationals of non-EU countries, all within 30 days. 

    If you are a highly qualified worker and want to work in Portugal, we can help 👇 

    Our friends at Damia care about who we are, what our mission is and how important it is to find people aligned with our values. After a short while, we had more excellent candidates than positions to fill.
    Client Practio logo
    Nuno Mendes
    Head of Lisbon Office Operations
    ‘We work with a few recruitment partners on the daily basis, Damia being one of them. It is very clear to us that they are providing the best quality candidates and they earned our trust over time. We also feel that Damia´s team has the right experience on technology recruitment which makes a real difference when contacting profiles we are seeking at Sky Portugal. On top of that their team is always available and friendly which makes our collaboration fun!’
    Sky logo
    António Fernandes
    HR Recruitment & Employer Branding
    Damia employees are very proactive; they are also actively pushing us to deliver a better experience to our candidates. They are pushy, but in a good way, for us to give the candidates they source a good/fast experience.​
    David Gomes
    Engineering Manager
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